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Thank fuck. That's a relief. And a victory for all us women, poors, queers, and foreigners. Though it might mean fewer of my excellent American friends moving north to Canada. Alas. (I still hold out hopes for [ profile] agentrosecotton finally coming home after she graduates college in Tennessee, though.)

I felt great excitement and joy at Obama's first election; this time it's more a sense of deep relief. I could never take Romney seriously as a candidate--he didn't even seem like he wanted the job, as a job, just maybe the power involved--but there was always the outside chance he'd be voted in. Well done, USians.

And now, I'd better get back to writing my [community profile] femslash12 fic with Written? Kitten! and the various and several B5 fics slowly increasing their wordcount at Gina Torres told me to.

*breaks out the remaining chocolate beer*
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(via [personal profile] settiai; content warning: abusive incarceration in a mental institution, which really happened)

(lyrics here)

I often forget that we didn't always have the right to vote.

These women blow my mind.

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"Oh thank God," was my first thought, "something that's not maiden/mother/crone!"

Female Archetypes: Warrior, Healer, Queen

I haven't read the novels [ profile] hapaxnym is referencing here, but I really like this new triad. The whole maiden/mother/crone thing has always bothered me. I'm pretty sure it works for some people. (There's someone in the comments there saying it works for them!) But for me, "maiden" brings up obsession with virginity and "purity" and slut-shaming. Ick, bleck, ptui. Motherhood doesn't resonate with me at all--I don't want children myself, and would far rather be the awesome aunt or the big sister or the non-family mentor of a younger woman (if I ever get my shit together myself) than have my own kids, bio or adopted. And "crone"? I know that's been reclaimed by some older women, but it doesn't do much for me. Though I could deal with being as badass as Granny Weatherwax, someday. In general, given that I like being female fine but don't derive a great sense of my place in the universe from having a female body, maiden/mother/crone makes me twitch more than it gives me a useful framework.

But Warrior is Eowyn and Susan Ivanova and Kira Nerys and Jago and Nita Callahan and Zoe Washburne and Trinity. And probably my girlfriend. It's strength and protection and being a wall between harm and the innocent. My heart starts pumping a little faster just reading those names. It doesn't have to mean having no heart, or violence for the sake of violence, but it's about being confident in yourself and competent in what you do and willing to use that in service of others who maybe don't have the capabilities you do. I admire warriors.

Female Healers are harder for me to think of in the stories I draw my myths from; female characters are often written as nurturing to the point of losing any independence (as Hapax points out is a failure mode of this type) or interesting plot of their own. So a lot of the healers I draw inspiration from are male (Dr McCoy!) and a lot of the interesting female healers you get are also warriors. But there's Nienna and Estë and Kai Opaka and Martha Jones and Faiza Hussain and Kaylee Frye (she fixes ships, not people) and Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi. People laugh at Troi for being too emotional, but I loved the idea of empathy as a healing tool. I want to be someone who builds and heals and defuses flamewars. (Personally I'd colour this one blue and green more than orange--but that's because I love blue. :D Though there is the Red Cross.)

And Queen--queens are Galadriel. And Delenn. Varda and Yavanna. The Doctor Donna. Liz X. Haleth in the Silmarillion was a warrior, but she has the qualities of leadership and strength of will that I associate with a queen. Inspiring people. Seeing the bigger picture and being able to communicate that to other people who fight or heal or create or invent. Queens inspire worship, even as they need other people around them to keep them grounded at times.

So, yeah. This is the kind of thing that makes me love being a woman and shows me how to be a good person in the world. I think there's probably room in there for "creator" or "inventor", but maybe that's a subset of the Healer? In any case, lots of food for thought.
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Way to go, Iowa:

Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban

First state in the midwest!

“The fact that it’s here in some way highlights the inevitability of this all,” she said.

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This is cool--a slideshow from of a number of historic landmarks and important pieces of infrastructure that were built with New Deal/Works Progress Administration money back in the 1930s. This stuff was not only valuable and useful, it's still standing today.

Greatest Achievements of American Socialism

When Obama talks about "infrastructure", he's talking about catching up on back repairs that we've let slide, about building new things we've put off for ages, and about moving into the Century of the Anchovy. All of which needs people to do it, and therefore creates jobs.

Pretty cool. Yet again I'm hit with the thought, "Oh, that makes so much sense!" (Which is what I thought when, at the age of nine, someone explained socialized healthcare to me--damn I miss my BC CareCard.)

(hattip Pandagon)
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I've said for months that the best way to clear out the Naval Observatory house was going to be for Jill Biden to move into it. She seems like such a good person. (Joe too, but there's something about Jill--he's like a big blustery fresh wind and she's basically sunshine incarnate. This is a good combination.)

(Not that a good smudging ceremony would be remiss.)

Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, welcomes area schoolchildren to her new home at the Naval Observatory in Washington January 21, 2009. Children were given a tour of the vice presidential residence on the Bidens' first full day at their new address.

(macro by [ profile] rawbery79; original pic)
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The Huffington Post: President Barack Obama signs an executive order closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

President Obama is expected to sign executive orders Thursday directing the Central Intelligence Agency to shut what remains of its network of secret prisons and ordering the closing of the Guantanamo detention camp within a year, government officials said...
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And because (listening to music from the inaugural concert today), I've just realized that joyful catharsis is as important as angry catharsis, have a video. :D

Everyone looks so happy! I love when they pan over the crowd and it's all these people who all look different from each other but are all jumping up and down and totally thrilled. And then there's Lincoln behind them. Yeah, maybe I feel faintly American at the moment? I don't know, I feel...happily human. :D

Go, go listen to all the songs in that section of YouTube--HAPPY JOY JOY!

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Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, Jan. 19, 2009.

This is goodbye from the American people, you asshole. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

(Photos: Scott Wyngarden.)

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It looks like we may have a new CIA director WHO'S ANTI-TORTURE.


If this is really true I will be so, so happy. This was one of my big things in supporting Obama (in supporting ANY Democrat really). Partly because it was [ profile] bellatrys's coverage of Abu Ghraib back four and a half years ago that made me wake up and start paying attention to politics, but also because of simple humanity, I've been very sad and angry over what the US has been doing with its prisoners during the war on terror.

There are other issues, even other very important issues, but if Obama is listening on civil rights--OH MY GOD. I will *dance*.
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"It's about taking a core value of the constitution out. It's like taking freedom of speech away from redheads."

Time Magazine interviews George Takei & Brad Altman on California's Proposition 8.