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Rewatched Spellbound last night. I really think it's going to become one of those movies that goes in the queue to be watched again every year or two. Peck is so pretty and Bergman is so determined!

It's really her movie, too, in the sense that she's the main protagonist and it's all told from her point of view. And pretty much from the moment she opens her mouth in the first scene where her male coworker is trying to get her to soften up to his romantic advances and she's like "Lol, no," I just really like Dr. Constance Peterson. (He tells her she's too cold and cerebral, and she asks if he's buttering her up; he says her "lack of emotion" is "fatal for her as a woman" and a doctor, and she says yes, yes, she's heard that from any number of amorous psychiatrists who toootally want to make her a better doctor. :D)

And she's the one who takes action to find out what's wrong with Ballantyne and try to get him some psychological help before the police lock him in the slammer. She's the one trying to figure out WTF is going on (while Gregory Peck is intermittently collapsing, staring off into space, being grouchy as fuck, or looking attractively dishevelled). And she doesn't give up. Not just because Peck is hot (though she certainly thinks so) but because she believes in his innocence and she isn't satisfied with the explanations she's getting. And then they get a happy ending, entirely due to her efforts, and Peck swoons a little less but still canonically "madly adores" her and thinks she's "brilliant."

So, I like her. She's cool. Bergman is hot. She gets the hot woobie. Very nice.

But then of course I run across someone being Wrong On The Internet about her. Okay, maybe Wrong In A Book? I was googling around to see if anyone had any opinions on Peck's more slashy roles, and came across some essay in a book on Google Books1. Some kind of "queering the text" analysis of Hitchcock movies. And oh boy, are they wrong!

cut for Spellbound spoilers )

It all starts to remind me of fans who decide that a female character has gotten in the way of their slash ship, so she must be a huge raging bitch (and that plant in the corner proves their faves are doing it). Or people who see an advertisement that features a beautiful, sexualized, perhaps vulnerable man, and go, "Oh wow! That's really homoerotic!" without stopping to think that, wait, straight and bi women just might have some interest in male beauty. Halfway through reading this thing, I said to myself, "Good lord. Some people just REALLY can't handle women being in charge." Women can't be assertive or take the lead role, especially not in a het relationship! No, there has to be some other explanation. He's gay. She's an alien agent of patriarchy. (I never did figure out why that was supposedly the case here.) Something. Anything, to prove a woman can't be the knight in shining armor.

I'm queer. I'm also a woman who really appreciates active female protagonists. I also enjoy a good dose of beautiful man occasionally, and if he's a little vulnerable along with his gorgeous broad shoulders and deep brown eyes and delicious ruffle-able hair, all the better. (I might, too, have a carefully-nursed pet peeve about how alpha male heroes are so much more common than dominant women and their pretty boy-toys in het romance.) I'm a m-slasher and a fem-slasher as long as the day is long. But it really gets my goat when people take a female hero I love and pretend all the awesome things about her don't exist.

Dr. Constance Peterson: brilliant, determined, gets the hot boy. And badly-conceived meta can go fuck off.


(1) I've lost the link now, but I think it was for something called "Intimate Violence." I'm not opposed to queer theory generally, but just as I sometimes disagree with queer fandom meta, I had huge issues with this particular iteration of queer theory. It really felt like they were trying to force the facts to fit the thesis ("someone in this movie is queer and being oppressed by a straight woman, I just know it!") rather than the reverse.

(2) Even the 18-year-old son of Mucca's assistant lightkeeper feels that Guns of Navarone is pretty damn gay.
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I, er, maybe got a little carried away.

30 black & white icons from Gregory Peck's early career )

Also a thingy that I suppose one could use as a friends-only banner or one of those NaNoWriMo "You should be writing" inspirational graphics. (Once one had stopped wibbling in the corner, of course.)

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First of all, Happy First Contact Day! Only forty-six more years until the Vulcans land in Montana! :D

Today would also have been Gregory Peck's 101st birthday. In honour of which, please have some screenshots of him as a young, ridiculously pretty priest, kneeling down and kissing his mentor's hand.

Gregory Peck, 1944

Gregory Peck, 1944

moar pics (2), The Keys To The Kingdom, 1944 )

All from The Keys To The Kingdom, 1944. The one where he's looking up all puppy-dog-eyed like, "Please approve of me!" (which is pretty much the context) is doing things to me. (Peck in a 1987 interview: "I hadn’t learned how to relax and how to concentrate. All I had was sincerity." HELP)

File under: Oh, The Things I Would Do To That Man, subcategory: Please, Santa, I'll Be So Good.

And, you know, it's not that I find either the Pope or John Gielgud attractive in any way, but Peck does it again in The Scarlet & The Black (1983) (also one of my favourite movies ever):

Gregory Peck, 1983

moar pics (2), The Scarlet And The Black, 1983 )

The hair-petting, argh! The fact that this scene is a small moment of personal approval from someone the character respects, after a whole movie of incredible, inconspicuous bravery and self-sacrifice!

File under: I Don't Have A Fealty/Praise Kink, YOU DO

(According to Wikipedia, in real life Gregory Peck was also outspoken against the House Un-American Activities Committee and was a faithful Catholic who disagreed with the church about contraception and abortion. While having excellent taste in women and an almost 50-year-long marriage. I'm fond.)
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Mucca's on a Gregory Peck kick this week (one of which I fully approve), and has been showing me the woobie cut of various films. Today's was the slashy cut of The Guns of Navarone (1961).

Two points:

a) James Darren was Tiny Greek Private, omg. He was about twelve. Ahaha omg. <3 (I realize he was trying to get Serious Acting jobs at the time, instead of Teen Heartthrob ones, but since I first became aware of him as Vic Fontaine, my expectations were...not Tiny Earnest Murderstabby Kid. LOL.)

b) It was HELLA slashy. I mean, like. Starts out with two major m/m ships, and by the end of it Gregory Peck has reconciled with his estranged boyfriend from the original ship, and had chemistry with both members of the other ship (one of whom is David Niven: they shout at each other a lot, it's great).

There are lines like, "How long have you two been together?" and (woman, after asking Gregory Peck's Cretan boyfriend his salient details, then turning to Peck) "You're a lucky man." ("I know.") The canon het is very understated and not at all annoying, but it's really awfully slashy.

Oh, and c) Peck has a deeper voice than I remembered, and is almost as good at shouting at people as Paul McGann as William Bush is. :D

Hopefully get to watch The Scarlet & The Black later in the week. I remember really liking that one. (Yelling at Christopher Plummer in the Colloseum at night! Yess.)
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So apparently there is this game called 2048 where you match tiles with people's faces on them? And it used to be about numbers only now it's not?

There is a Doctor Who edition where you get the First, Second, Third, etc Doctors all in order. There is a Kathryn Janeway edition which proceeds more or less chronologically through Star Trek: Voyager.

And then, because anyone can make one, I made an Eighth Doctor edition. I must say it's very soothing to spend half an hour staring at little pictures of Paul McGann's face. Totally worth the couple of hours I spent picking out photos, too.

2048: Eighth Doctor Edition


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So I ran across this in the Paul McGann tag on Tumblr last night:

Fables of Forgotten Things from mandarinkite on Vimeo.

Feature film promo by Mandarin Kite and Faith Films, starring Paul McGann.

Looks like a pilot for a TV show in 2008 that was never picked up, in which "Clarence", played by Paul McGann, investigates weird paranormal shit and saves the day. Here, he and a young boy save an old woman from a memory-eating ghost.

I had to watch it without subtitles (can't seem to find any) so I'm too deaf to know if this really sounds like Eight or not, but until I'm told that it doesn't I'm going to pretend this is the third installment of the Eighth Doctor in live action. "Clarence" is certainly more creative than "John Smith", neh?


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Your main fandom of the year?
Babylon 5! I got quite into Doctor Who during the River Song episodes this summer, and followed along desultorily with [ profile] ds9_rewatch, but as I mainlined all five seasons of B5 (plus some of the movies) since April, I think that has to count as my main fandom.

Your favorite film watched this year?
Desk Set, with Katherine Hepburn. Made the year my mother was born, and yet it has women who behave more like actual real people I have known than many more modern romantic comedies. They have friendships with each other! And there is witty banter! And, well, Katherine Hepburn. I am not one for movies about how Technology Is Evil (large and extremely important parts of my life would be impossible without computers), but I still loved it.

Your favorite book read this year?
Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon and To Dream In The City of Sorrows by Kathryn M. Drennan. The first is a novel of first contact whose protagonist is a 70-year-old woman, and the second is a Babylon 5 novel about what happened to Jeffrey Sinclair between when he left the show at the end of season 1 and when he reappeared in War Without End. It apparently is considered canon, which yay.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?
I rediscovered on YouTube some Russian Christian songs I'd had on tape back in my teens, and got a chance to translate the lyrics of a few of the songs for my cousin, who'd also had the tape but no idea what any of it meant. I probably looped this one the most: Я хочу с тобой поговорить ("Lord, I Want To Talk To You")

Your favorite TV show of the year?
Babylon 5!

Your favorite LJ community of the year?
[ profile] wrisomifu and [ profile] ds9_rewatch

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. OMG so much cuteness. And finally watched some of Avatar: The Last Airbender--also pretty damn awesome. It's amazing how much excellent storytelling you can put into a show that's ostensibly about kids.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
Susan and Talia didn't get enough screentime. And Talia's exit from the station. Also what the hell, JMS, with your final Lennier plotline.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?
River Song! Also, Delenn. And possibly Mira Furlan.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?
Dukhat, Lennier, Valen--all the men in Delenn's life that she didn't marry, I guess. :P

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

The most missed of your old fandoms?
Deep Space Nine and LOTR. I poked about a bit in Silmarillion fandom (enough to get Mucca making annoyed comments about Elves), and I did rewatch some of the first three seasons of DS9.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
Sherlock, Sanctuary

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?
Squee, the Hobbit movie! And seeing The Avengers with Mucca on holidays.