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Mucca woke me up with this this morning. (The last time she did that was with astoundingly hot clips of Gregory Peck. I appreciate her attention to quality material.)

I loved it. I love Bill! I love what the Doctor's doing with himself at the start of this episode. Nardole's still a sweetie. And Bill is seriously the best. Did I say that already? I love how she logics things through carefully instead of leaping to conclusions she wouldn't have data for. I love the whole thing with the girl. (Bill's going to fall adorably in love with like three separate space princesses this season, right? Make it happen, Moff.) And the pictures, awww my heart. ❤❤❤

Anyway. This one definitely fit my criteria of "silly adventures with heart" for a good Dr Who outing. Moar plz.

(And Missy returns sometime soon! Yesss.)

(Comments may contain spoilers, though if you haven't seen it, I'll try not to spoil it myself in my replies.)
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I repeat, the Time Lords have the clock:

Left to right: Delgado!Master, Third Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Sarah Jane (on clock tower), Jabe, Sixth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, and (in front) little boy from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. (Most figurines originally courtesy of [personal profile] settiai. I really want a Missy one but apparently they are $$$ right now.)

In other news, we're in the midst of moving from one building at the lighthouse to another. The floor plans of the two houses are mirror images of each other, so we know where most everything will go; it's now a matter of actually moving furniture (mostly done, and ow, my arms) and sorting through things (it's a good chance to cull items we never use, and there were a few things left behind by the previous tenants that we don't need).

Upsides include that we now have all our books together on one shelf for the first time ever (we have a lot of sci-fi, and I'm feeling undereducated looking at Mucca's collection of social justice and history stuff). Downsides include me not getting any schoolwork done all week, and also the aforesaid noodle arms.

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Right in the feels, man, this episode. Right in the goddamn feels. How am I supposed to write 1700 words of unrelated idfic for something completely different in the next 3 hours NOW??

(The Zygon Inversion, in which: Twelve channels Eight/Nine, Osgood is wonderful, and I have a crush on p. much every female character in the cast--which at the moment is...were there any dudes this time out other than Basil the Doctor?)
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Some helpful googling produces the following:

Apparently the green TARDIS is green because a juice stand rented it out this summer; the red TARDIS is red because all police call boxes used to be red in Scotland for the first ~30 years of their existence; and all the others in Glasgow are blue.

There go my hopes of a full rainbow set or, like, at least a yellow and purple one. At least this year: one of them, I think the green one, has apparently been painted in polka-dots by art students before.

There are at least three other police public call boxes in Glasgow which I am informed are still blue, two of them within a few blocks of where we've been recently. (The one that looks like the TARDIS landed in the middle of a fence is way out on the highway somewhere.) So there is a chance of proper blue TARDIS photos at some point. So far we have got ones with me and [personal profile] rohan_lady and her Frodo plushie, with both the red and green one. The red one just might be Iris Wildthyme in a particularly trolltastic mood.

The Internet also informs me that Edinburgh does have a police box or two, but they are not TARDIS-shaped at all.

Also seen yesterday: the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, which is all marble and gold leaf and swanky oil paintings of lords provost from the 1880s to the present. The most dramatic one is of a female lord provost from the 1990s or early aughts: Mucca probably heard the explanation for why she's depicted outside the flaming city walls or whatever it is. Also, I'm still not sure what a lord provost actually does.

Tea at a teahouse designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh, whom my Canadian lesbian cabinetry student friend is totally into. The meringues were excellent.

More later!
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Also on a Glasgow street corner: red TARDIS! :D

You can't see it here (intentionally) but someone is selling things out of the door-side of the police box, like a teeny tiny kiosk. IDEK, man.

I feel the need to keep an eye out for other police boxes in Glasgow, and see if Edinburgh has instituted a similar policy or not. Maybe there are more colours!!
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The important part of our trip so far:

green TARDIS

A real live police public call box, seen on the street in Glasgow--and painted light green all over. :D Cannot tell if this is to remind people that it's not actually in service any more, or as a heads-up that it's not actually a Doctor Who prop, or what. We were deeply amused nonetheless.

Photo by [personal profile] rohan_lady who we met up with in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning. We're all staying at [personal profile] valtyr's place, which is a short hop from the train station. Very important as that is how we've been getting around to places such as the Viking village that's set up in Glasgow this week. The Vikings were all very friendly and informative and we each ended up buying some little memento. What I really want is a leather arm-and-hand guard for looking badass in. Did not buy one (£££) but did get to shoot arrows! One of them hit the little cartoon enemy smack in the chest, whoo.

All well so far. Enjoying the vague sense that I've stepped into an AU where the electric outlets are different and people sit on the other side of their cars to drive (somehow, that feels stranger than that they drive on the other side of the road).

Updates to follow, possibly with pictures, though you may have better luck with that at [personal profile] muccamukk.
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Apparently it's a forest fire. (Near enough that we get smoke, not near enough that we're in danger.) The sky looks like someone put a yellow filter on everything in Photoshop. It's fucking bizarre. Before the sun got fully obscured, it was a small orangey disk in the sky, smoked over so much that you could stare right at it without hurting your eyes. Very apocalyptic.

We do need rain. Not something one often says in the PNW, but we really do.

Despite this the strawberries and raspberries (and lettuce, oh God the lettuce, the paidhi is awash in lettuce) are coming in handily. Mucca's mum is our prime gardener and she's back after several weeks in town, but in her absence I seem to have elected myself chief berry-picker. It's about two pints of strawberries every 2-3 days. So far we eat that many between the four of us, but soon we may have to consider freezing or something.

Park warden, his wife, and small child are visiting. Eight-month-olds are delightful. Baby's mum is aces at Settlers of Catan; wiped the floor with us twice. :D

Finished Kate Mulgrew's autobiography Born With Teeth. I envy Mucca who has it on audio read by Kate Mulgrew herself. cut 'cuz Mucca is still reading )

Watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last week, and didn't hate it. It had the usual unnecessary Jackson orc troops and fighting scenes and leaving behind cast members for bonus drama, but most of it was a fun ride anyway. I love that Gandalf is getting his own scenes off at Dol Guldur finding out about the Necromancer--and that Radagast gets to come along for that! Quite liked Tauriel, thought Orlando Bloom was showing his age, developed instant crush on Bard, still don't see Bagginshield as a ship.

30 pages from the end of Doctor Who: Shada, having gone back to that after several other novels. Have a book about NASA's Galileo mission to Jupiter up next, and then I should probably finish up the last of my Hugo reading.

Happy Canada Day, America Day, and Pride (WHOO gay marriage nationally in the US, squee!) to all. <3
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Someday I shall see them all! OK, at least something for each of the Doctors.

My main exposure to Romana to date has been fandom osmosis + a few vid clips, pretty much all of Lalla Ward. But I've just started the Key To Time serials (randomly--I'd been given them by our Beer Trek host a few months back, and our Doctor Who calendar just hit Four so I thought why not) and I'm really liking Mary Tamm so far. Four is unimpressed and therefore being a bit of a dick about it, but I quite like her. She's smart and earnest and a bit sheltered at the moment, but I also think she's brave and will pick up lots on the job. Also am enjoying their banter, especially since it's between two Time Lords.

I have heard that Mary Tamm got something of the short stick later on as regards the writing for her Romana, and thus left, but I'm hoping there's some good stuff here too. And I do want to see Lalla Ward eventually, obviously!

(Meanwhile I've just finished Carnival of Monsters with Three and Jo, which was totally fabulous, and am an episode or two into The Visitation with Five, Nyssa, Tegan, and Adric. It's fun to jump around a bit and compare Doctors and teams TARDIS. My excuse is that it's a time-travel show but the real reason is that oh-look-a-shiny side of my ADD brain. Oh, well. It is a time-travel show and I'm totally allowed to be River seeing things out of order if I want!)

(Also, too, and what got me thinking of Four in the first place this week, I'm reading the Gareth Roberts novelization of Shada (originally by Douglas Adams). My favourite part so far is when the Doctor, post-Key-To-Time, puts a randomizer function on his TARDIS so he'll show up places no one can predict. Neither Romana nor K-9, the book says, had the heart to tell him this was what he'd been doing all along!)
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My favourite quote about the Eighth Doctor's movie costume (which I love) also comes from Seeing I by Kate Orman (whose id is my id when it comes to the Doctor) & Jonathan Blum:

He had on – oh wow, he was wearing that outfit again. The one he’d lost in the prison. ‘Hang about,’ Sam managed. ‘How’d you get –’

‘I made a little side trip,’ said the Doctor. ‘There’s a tailor in Neo Sydney who was more than happy to make these up for me.’

Now she was close enough to touch, she could see it wasn’t the same – every last detail of the design was right, but so much more care and workmanship had gone into this outfit than the original. She ran her hands over the fabric: that coat was real velvet, not costume shop velveteen, and the cravat had the softness of real silk. Instead of the hasty costume stitching, which frayed badly even under normal wear (much less Doctor wear), these seams were reinforced, built to last. These clothes were meant to be worn for real.

She looked up at him, still grinning. Only he would get an expensive tailor to use authentic period materials to re create a fancy dress outfit. And all so it could be worn by a man who wasn’t from the same century, or even the same planet.

And she had to admit he looked too hot for words in it.

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Holy shit. My favourite companion in the Eighth Doctor Adventures is actually queer!

Sam(antha) Jones, Eight's first companion ever, who he met in the novels just after the events of the bisexual, and had a several-years-long relationship with a woman in my favourite EDA ever. And I missed it until a Goodreads reviewer pointed it out. It's very subtle--Sam meets a bunch of people, one of them a woman called Chris. Later on, while discussing the people she's dated from that group of friends, it's mentioned that she and Chris had recently broken up after being together so long that people "had spent so long thinking of [Sam] as one half of Sam and Chris that they couldn’t picture her in any other way," and even later when Sam is giving the Doctor a hug (after some epic, epic psychological h/c that he's survived) she thinks back on how her ex-boyfriend was all bony angles, Chris was soft and curvy, and the Doctor combines both. Published in 1998, so I guess they had to fly under the radar, but my love for this book just went up another couple of notches.

The book is Seeing I, and if you are at all into the Eighth Doctor you should totally read it. Also features: a Jewish-Arabic planet called Ha'olam, Sam joining an eco-collective, and the Doctor as a computer genius.

I'm over here on Goodreads, incidentally, if any of y'all do that. :-)
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Your main fandom of the year? Doctor Who. Mostly Classic Who, really, since Twelve didn't come out until the fall and I've been ambivalent on him anyway. But the 50th anniversary special brought my love for the show roaring back, and I spent a lot of 2014 reading Eighth Doctor Adventures novels (I'm up to book 30 of 73!) and watching Third Doctor serials (very slowly), with occasional other things thrown in.

Your favorite film watched this year? The Sum of Us, with Russell Crowe as a young gay man in Australia in the 1990s. Sweet relationship with his dad and a happy gay ending! And The Rainbow, the coming-of-age story of a young bi woman in 1901 (there's a lot of gay in it for a movie starring the gorgeous young Paul McGann as the het love interest).

Your favorite book read this year?
Nonfiction: The Curiosity rover book and the Sally Ride book (my thoughts on same here).
Fiction: Ancillary Sword, tied with the Raksura books by Martha Wells and Courtney Milan's Brothers Sinister series.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year? Mostly n/a because I'm deaf, but I loved [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights's Doctor/Master vid set to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space". I don't really have an opinion on the song, but the vid is brilliant. I've watched it six or seven times at least.

Your favorite TV show of the year? I want to say Doctor Who, but I feel like I haven't been watching Doctor Who television that much. (Even the Three serials have been one episode at a time separated by weeks.) So probably either Murdoch Mysteries (steampunk cops!) or Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos? So many tardigrade jokes!

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Bunnicula! :D

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? That I turned out to not totally love Twelve. I really liked that Clara got to be more of a person this year, and I loved several of the episodes, and was surprisingly into the new Master, but the show as a whole and Twelve himself haven't really clicked for me. It's not like I totally hated it. I just hoped to fall in love, and I didn't, largely because I didn't feel like I could emotionally connect with the Doctor. Ah, well. I loved the Christmas special at least.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year? Paul McGann. In many incarnations including the Eighth Doctor. Or possibly the Eighth Doctor and the Third Doctor making out with each other.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year? Jade from the Books of the Raksura. Strong and loyal and kind and sensuous and, well, blue... ;-)

Your biggest squee moment of the year? When [personal profile] settiai sent me and Mucca a pile of Doctor Who action figures, who have spent fall 2014 climbing all over our coffee table in various poses. (At the moment, Eight and Jack are making out while Three and Sarah Jane are stargazing and Delgado!Master and Jabe set up a picture of a lighthouse and Jamie from "The Doctor Dances" looks on, for the record. I still owe y'all pics.)

The most missed of your old fandoms? Babylon 5. <3 This was the fandom of my heart from some time in 2011 to late 2013, and I will never stop loving it (or its fandom) even though the fannish fires have been banked for now. <3 And on that note, [ profile] babylon5_love is setting up a mini-rewatch over here--go vote on your favourite episodes!

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? Legend of Korra. I loved AtLA, and have heard good things about Korra, including its ending.

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...given my lifelong affection for rainbows.

Case in point, I've spent a good portion of the afternoon and evening making and then playing an all-Sixth Doctor 2048.

I'm just sayin'. Pretty colours!

Also, Happy New Year and all that jazz. <3