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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! :D I hope at least some of the prompts and suggestions below are helpful to you, and that you have a generally excellent Yuletide this year. Hope this letter's not too tl;dr—is 7,000 words too much? enough?—optional details are always optional. I'm very excited for fic in the small fandom(s) of my heart. <3

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Prompts by Fandom:

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The Comfortable Courtesan - Madame C- C-
The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
The Invisible Library - Genevieve Cogman
Mirabile - Janet Kagan
Grace and Frankie (TV)
Questionable Content (Webcomic)

The Comfortable Courtesan )

Murderbot )

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Mirabile )

Grace and Frankie )

Questionable Content )

Thank you again for writing fic for me! I hope some of this has been helpful, and I'd be happy to clarify through the mods or whatever if I've been confusing or haven't given you enough to work with. Onward! <3
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sleepy wombatt

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silence to the death!

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hatpin tiem!

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Does anyone know if it is the Done Thing to post sets of icons to AO3? Like would it count as fanart?

Usually I would never, but I'm thinking of a minuscule fandom that doesn't really have a comm on DW or a Tumblr community, but that does tend to like/use my icons when I make 'em. And wondering if that would be a centralized way for people to find them all at once.

(Obviously would also still crosspost new ones here.)

ETA: And now I have done.
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I got the most lovely pile of presents in my stocking! (Jump to what I wrote.)

Fic: Hornblower (smutty) and Third Doctor (fluffy) and origfic lesbian SPACE pirates! <3 And the most adorable tiny Mrs. F- drabble for [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan! SQUEEE.

And art, and recs (Janeway, and Seven of Nine, and origfic f/f) and 2048 games! (More Janeway, more Seven! With the best picture choices evar.)

And icons!

Mockingbird (comics) by [personal profile] tarlanx

Firestorm (Jax) by [personal profile] falcon_horus and a matching Firestorm (Martin) one by me

If any of that looks fun, my stocking is over here and you're welcome to the icons or the fic recs or whatever. :D

Fic what I wrote: I wrote two fics (and a recs list). [personal profile] muccamukk talked me into kittens. I said, "But I don't know what to write!" and she said (picture the world's most adorable grin), "KITTENS!"

So I wrote kittens.

Title: Artemis At Sea for [ profile] aqwt101
Fandom/Characters: Hornblower (TV miniseries); Hornblower/Bush, Styles
Rating/Word Count: 2600 words, gen/pre-slash
Summary: The ship's cat has kittens. Bush has opinions; Hornblower exhausts himself; Styles is given a heady commission. Started out meaning to be Hornblower vs kittens but ended up as Bush vs kittens. (Bush 0, kittens 2, ftr.)

Title: Tubbs, In Repose for [ profile] schneefink
Fandom/Characters: Steerswoman (Rosemary Kirstein)/Neko Atsume crossover (yes really); Rowan, Willam, hints of Rowan/Bel and Willam/Corvus
Rating/Word Count: 2600 words, gen
Summary: Rowan vs Willam's "wizard cats." Spoilers through the end of the currently-published series (The Language of Power). My recipient asked for Rowan and Willam mentoring each other. This may have ended up more tilted in the "Rowan discovers new weird shit" direction. :P

In theory, there were several other stockings I wanted to fill. Quite possibly someday I will write Cordelia Vorkosigan vs the Cetagandan Embassy's bioengineered gift kitten, or Breq vs...any kitten at all. (Mucca: "What the hell does Breq do with a kitten??" Me: "Exactly! :D :D")

I also put together a lesbian romance (origfic f/f) recs list, since I've been reading so many of those lately. (Sometimes I want romance, and specifically want lady-loving romance. Fandom usually fills my m/m needs, and while my het needs are specific I usually know where to go for those. But I've been on an f/f binge lately and have been delighted with many of the results.) I should probably copy & paste the whole recs list in here at some point--maybe after I've read the last couple on the list, and a few of the ones recced to me in my stocking. (Notably, there was exactly one book that appeared on both lists. Since I've been waiting for Romancing The Inventor to exist for a couple of years, I don't mind. :D)
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Because our heroine is so very good at foiling the plots of the petty and vindictive enemies of her circle (most recently a plagiarizing poet):

Madame Nemesis is, as always, from [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan, a deeply delightful serialized historical novel. Other icons in the series may be found via my tags.
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(Link contains spoiler for events some episodes back, but also NAMES. And the world's most adorable love scene.)

Josiah ♥ Eliza ♥ Clorinda!

Any other colour available upon request. Other [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan-related icons may be found via tags. :-)
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The Comfortable Courtesan - Madame C- C- (13) ↑
Docket (The Comfortable Courtesan) Hector (The Comfortable Courtesan) Lady J- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Lord G- R- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Madame C- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Miss A- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Miss D- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Miss G- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Mr. F- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Mr. MacD- | Sandy (The Comfortable Courtesan) Mrs. F- (The Comfortable Courtesan) Tibby (The Comfortable Courtesan) The Wombatt (The Comfortable Courtesan)


Not that I'm even signing up for Yuletide. But! :D

/goes to bed
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Is what I would like to be doing with my lady, but recent events conspire against us.

But more Madame C- C- icons! Icons are calming cool.

towsell-mowsell on a sopha

And from a comment, for the OT3 shippers:

Previous entries may be found via tags.

(Have I mentioned that the first two sections of the serial are out as free e-books? Because they are.)
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Because obviously the thing to do when one finally gets a chance with one's laptop while travelling is to spend a couple of hours making text icons. (What can I say? I find it soothing.)

From a recent episode (to [SPOILER] while plotting for the good of their friends, and incidentally having a cuddle: "O, you say I get into fusses but compared to Miss A-, I am Patience on a monument.")

I am Patience on a monument

And a common exclamation from the commentariat regarding Mr MacD-:
Oh, Sandy!

(Previous set is over here: "Epistolary mathematickal flirtation...and a wombatt!")
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For those of you on my flist who are following along with [personal profile] oursin's historickal serial over at [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan/[ profile] madame_c_c, I bring icons in celebration of the latest twist in the fates of Miss G-- and Mr T--'s statistics-and-science-infused romance:

Font used: Not Perfect
Textures by: [ profile] rxyangl

Feel free to take. Credit is great--but definitely make sure to point people towards Mme C--'s!