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I, er, maybe got a little carried away.

30 black & white icons from Gregory Peck's early career )

Also a thingy that I suppose one could use as a friends-only banner or one of those NaNoWriMo "You should be writing" inspirational graphics. (Once one had stopped wibbling in the corner, of course.)

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First of all, Happy First Contact Day! Only forty-six more years until the Vulcans land in Montana! :D

Today would also have been Gregory Peck's 101st birthday. In honour of which, please have some screenshots of him as a young, ridiculously pretty priest, kneeling down and kissing his mentor's hand.

Gregory Peck, 1944

Gregory Peck, 1944

moar pics (2), The Keys To The Kingdom, 1944 )

All from The Keys To The Kingdom, 1944. The one where he's looking up all puppy-dog-eyed like, "Please approve of me!" (which is pretty much the context) is doing things to me. (Peck in a 1987 interview: "I hadn’t learned how to relax and how to concentrate. All I had was sincerity." HELP)

File under: Oh, The Things I Would Do To That Man, subcategory: Please, Santa, I'll Be So Good.

And, you know, it's not that I find either the Pope or John Gielgud attractive in any way, but Peck does it again in The Scarlet & The Black (1983) (also one of my favourite movies ever):

Gregory Peck, 1983

moar pics (2), The Scarlet And The Black, 1983 )

The hair-petting, argh! The fact that this scene is a small moment of personal approval from someone the character respects, after a whole movie of incredible, inconspicuous bravery and self-sacrifice!

File under: I Don't Have A Fealty/Praise Kink, YOU DO

(According to Wikipedia, in real life Gregory Peck was also outspoken against the House Un-American Activities Committee and was a faithful Catholic who disagreed with the church about contraception and abortion. While having excellent taste in women and an almost 50-year-long marriage. I'm fond.)
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...or possibly lauded, I'm not sure.

[ profile] hearts_blood kindly made me this house banner in the style of Game of Thrones from this banner generator:

Of course, "kanadka" isn't really my surname, it just means "female Canadian," so I'm sure many of my acquaintances would beg to differ. On the other hand, given that the last half dozen things I've written have, in fact, been smutfic forever, this is highly accurate in my case.


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Teh ballet was beautiful and gave me thinky-thoughts about the ways people try to survived in a fucked-up world. It was "Svengali", with hypnotism and themes of (as the playbook puts it) "the worlds of decadence (where [the heroine] is degraded) and morality (where she is harshly judged)". I told Mucca that one could say things like "critique of the kyriarchy" and it would be accurate, but that I would refrain in favour of ogling the pretty dresses and the quite nice butts on the gentlemen dancers. :D The heroine wins--or at least successfully protests Svengali's objectification of her--in the end. Go Trilby go. <3 Also she had the best costume of the lot. <3 (Wine-red and floaty!)

(I spent the whole time going "OMG! They are actually dancing! Ballet dancing! Not fifty feet from me in the real world! Oooh!" Conclusion: I need to see more dance of all kinds. It's a whole other language that I am unfamiliar with, and it's so pretty and emotional and satisfying.)

And we got to dress up--I found an amazing knee-length fitted blue dress and some strappy heeled sandals (that kind of kept falling off because they were too large, but they cost six bucks, so) and felt very glamourous. Mucca was in a lovely long red dress that she rarely gets to show off. Great fun was had by all.

Mucca has gone off to church, and likely (given it's 12:30) lunch with friends. I stayed in, and slept in, and planned to write but instead am now going to do laundry. Then I might go shop for a bookshelf when Mucca gets back (if she wants to go). I have been OK with having all my books in boxes, but I feel more awkward about it when I have someone else here to look at their disarray.


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