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I'm really behind on both comments and my reading page/friends' list at the moment; also private messages--if I haven't replied to you, it's not that I don't want to talk, I'm just temporarily maxed out.


(New icon! I did like the first episode of the new Disco season a lot. :D)

(Also got awesome presents in [community profile] fandom_stocking and will do a post at some point! Squee.)
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Yay, new fic! I wrote this for the small but lovely Cornwell Fanworks Challenge December 2018 organized by [personal profile] pixiedane over the holidays.

Title: The Feather At The Pivot Point for [ profile] lodessa
Fandom/Pairing: Star Trek: Discovery, Katrina Cornwell & L'Rell
Rating/Word Count: Teen (for mentions of violence), about 3300 words
Summary: From this prompt:
As the new head of the Klingon Empire, L'Rell only agrees to initiate diplomatic relations with the Federation on the condition that she is allowed to name the ambassador assigned to Qo'noS: Katrina Cornwell.

This turned out to be less about what it's like being an ambassador to the Klingons and more Kat's inner journey from "Ohhh fuck no" at the suggestion to deciding that it could be what she's meant to do next. It was satisfying to me to try to hold in tension the fact that Kat's experienced quite a lot of trauma at the hands of the Klingons (both directly and indirectly) and that she does have that personal connection with L'Rell--a connection that seems to bypass all the differences between them but that was forged in the middle of all that trauma in the first place. Plus I think Kat's someone who would always be trying to understand and who really does want peace. This isn't shippy exactly but I feel like it's step 1 in perhaps a long series of events that eventually ends in Kat/L'Rell.

After fic reveals for the Cornwell Fanworks Challenge we were all guessing who'd written what, and apparently I am super easy to guess? Kat having angsty internal monologues about another woman was apparently pretty obvious even if the woman in question was L'Rell instead of Georgiou. :D

Ooh! AND: I got fic! Two amazing stories, both variations on Kat/Georgiou (it's like people know me):

Loyalty by [ profile] R_S_B: Mirror Cornwell/Mirror Georgiou, 1200 words, Teen
Inquisitor Katrina Cornwell is brought before her Emperor, suspected of collaboration with the treacherous Gabriel Lorca.
Reads like a prequel to my Non-Regulation Uses. :D Loyalty, betrayal, and the teeniest bit of bloodplay.

Darling, Dearest by [ profile] Oparu: Katrina Cornwell/Mirror Georgiou, 1500 words, Teen
Katrina Cornwell undertakes a dangerous diplomatic mission and is assigned a top Section 31 operative to keep her safe. Posing as a married couple is one of the oldest covers in the spy playblook, but Kat is not at all prepared when her 'wife' is former Emperor Philippa Georgiou.
I need like 75,000 more words of this concept, three seasons, and a movie. :D Kat and Georgiou are wonderful here, with Kat simultaneously freaked out by and drawn to Georgiou, and lots of spiky back-and-forth about what they think of each other and of their other-universe counterparts. Gorgeous and just slightly unsettling--like you would expect from "undercover as married" with Emperor Georgiou!

There were some other really great fics in the fest (two standouts were [personal profile] lizbee's Rainfall with Kat and Amanda on the eve of the season 1 finale, and [personal profile] mselliejane's Live Bait in which Kat eats gagh while imprisoned) and I'm really enjoying these tiny fests for my corner of the fandom (cf the Disco Hiatus Exchange 2017 that Lizbee ran last year) and hope we do another one in 2019. <3
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Yay, my Fandom Stocking went up!

Nenya's stocking for 2018
Comments will be screened until the grand reveal. Please leave (or link) drabbles/make icons/good wishes and such in comments at the link above.

At signups I felt like I'd put in a ridiculous number of fandoms, but I don't think seven is that many? (If you count Star Trek as one fandom.) I did leave a bloody lot of prompts/ideas, but hopefully that's helpful rather than tl;dr.

Fandoms I'm requesting )

Since stockings are going up as late as they are, mods are extending the reveals date to January 19.

For those unfamiliar with [community profile] fandom_stocking, how it works is like so ) It's a really low-investment fest but pretty fun in my experience.

(Very glad there's a couple extra weeks this year--means I might have time to write some things!)
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OMG hi, you guys!

I feel like a dozen people have followed me here over the last couple of weeks, and half of them are completely new people I've never interacted with before, so...probably I should make a post? Er? Yes? :P

I'm actually really thrilled about all the increased posting on DW of late (even if the proximate cause, Nipplegate, is terrible). I've just been lurking a lot and being terrible at making my own posts, and sometimes commenting on other people's entries and attempting to catch up and then falling behind again, but I'm so glad to see everyone. *waves enthusiastically*

(Weirdly, I've also been feeling more connected to fandom than I have in years...through Discord. I think it fills the shitposting need for me, something I never really made happen on Tumblr. *also waves to the Cranky Fangirls and Admiral's Legion on this here DW friends' list* You lot are awesome. <3)

Let's see, what else! Fannishly I'm looking forward to the Doctor Who New Year's special, ST Discovery season 2 (MORE PHILIPPA PLZ & THX, also HI AGAIN HUGH, also Tig Notaro *swoon*), Captain Marvel, Spider-verse (Miles Morales has a movie?? it's apparently very good!), and I guess The Expanse season 4 if the corporate overlords ever make that happen. :D

Eternally disappoint that Shohreh Aghdashloo will probably never appear on Disco as Commodore Paris, but what can you do?

Oh and the Murderbot novel! I just finished the final novella (of 4) and ahhhh amazing, such a good and satisfying conclusion to that arc. Also I will never not have feelings about Murderbot Exit Strategy spoilers ), okay? FEELINGS, I tell you.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, happy Days Are Getting Longer, Thank Fuck to all in the northern hemisphere (Thank God It Might Cool Down Now to the Aussies <3), and a round of earnest cheering on to any of the Yuletiders facing down the last 36h of neon apocalypse bears before the archive opens. :D

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Mucca is home!

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[personal profile] rachelmanija is encouraging people to post reviews and recs of F/F media on Fridays. The closest I have at the moment is 8k of femslash porn, which I've been meaning to crosspost to DW. Perhaps this is relevant to some interests.

Title: Non-Regulation Uses
Author [personal profile] nenya_kanadka
Fandom: Star Trek: Discovery
Wordcount: 8099
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Mirror Philippa Georgiou, Mirror Katrina Cornwell, Emperor Georgiou's sword
Pairings: Mirror Katrina Cornwell/Mirror Philippa Georgiou, references to Mirror Katrina Cornwell/Mirror Sylvia Tilly and Mirror Katrina Cornwell/Mirror Afsaneh Paris
Warnings: Canon (the Mirrorverse specifically) is the warning; references to rape and torture; dubcon of the slavefic trope variety; shameless smut. Mirror Universe fucked-up dark kinky femslash.
Notes: For [profile] indiegal85, who wanted to know what happened next, and what Captain Killy would do with a vibrator. Set during the gap between Mirror Gabriel Lorca's first coup against Emperor Georgiou and the arrival of the USS Discovery in the Mirrorverse.
Summary: The Emperor's chief interrogator will never again hold a position of trust, but she has her life and hardly any permanent scars. Katrina is passionately grateful.

What am I, my lord, but an instrument of your pleasure?

Fic at AO3

Series: Part of an ongoing series about Emperor Georgiou and Katrina Cornwell in various universes. Previous entries in the series:

Terrible As An Army With Banners (Prime Kat/Emperor Georgiou, Bad Decision Theatre Vol I)
Nine-Tenths (Mirror Kat/Emperor Georgiou, very short, extremely dark, direct prequel to Non-Regulation Uses)
Chameleon (Prime Kat/Emperor Georgiou dressed as Captain Philippa, Bad Decision Theatre Vol II)
Non-Regulation Uses (Mirror Kat/Emperor Georgiou, shameless slavefic smut)
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(Post I've been meaning to make for the better part of a year--finally getting around to it! Title after Stephen Colbert's "I Am America, And So Can You.")

In my front yard I have a meditation labyrinth that [personal profile] muccamukk's mom created years ago. It's also an orrery for the planets of our solar system. Whenever I mention it people think it's pretty cool, so I thought I'd do a writeup.

An orrery (quoth Wikipedia) is "a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the relative positions and motions of the planets." It does not have to be to scale (and in fact usually isn't) and it may or may not be set up to move under its own power. This one is human-powered in the sense that every ten days I go out on my lawn and move the various planets around to their latest relative positions.

A labyrinth is a maze-like pattern you can walk for meditation purposes or just for fun. Many of them are laid out more or less as concentric circles, which proved handy when Mucca's mom decided to use the big labyrinth on the front lawn to set up her orrery.

You can obviously have a labyrinth without an orrery, or vice versa, but in our case they are two tastes that taste great together. :D

My Labyrinth Orrery

We have two labyrinths on our lawn, built ages ago by Mucca's parents (who are labyrinth experts and enthusiasts). The one on our front lawn is a Chartres-style labyrinth, and looks like this:

Chartres-style labyrinth from side

more about the labyrinth, + 5 pictures )

....And So Can You!

If you're interested, you can make something like this pretty easily.

what you need & what to do, + 2 pics )

The neat thing about all this is that you can fairly easily set up a system that illustrates where the various planets are in relation to one another and the sun, and how fast they're moving, in terms of degrees of a circle. In other words, you can know if Mars is on the same side of the sun as Earth is, and how fast Mercury goes around the sun, and whether Venus is passing in front of Jupiter. And since you have markers set out for each planet, you can then go stand at Earth and look around to see where the other planets will appear as seen from our perspective.

The even neater thing is that it's all in motion, and as you update it, you can actually watch the solar system move in more or less real time.

Bonus Sock Doll Pics:

I have a little doll I made out of a sock last year, the "proof of concept" for a string of dolls I ended up making later. Her name is Anna and she's a little alien with naturally blue-green hair. Here she is exploring our solar system.

4 pics of doll )

Feel free to ask any questions in comments! :D
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Me, last week: Everything is Georgiou and nothing hurts

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Okay, so there are a couple of major ways that fiction tends to handle antagonists/villains.

Here there be spoilers for 1x13 What's Past Is Prologue. No seriously, do not pass Go or collect 200 credits. )

And that is why I am screaming internally over Star Trek: Discovery and may never stop. ❤❤❤