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Goddammit, earwormed by failmeme again:

(to the tune of Turkey In The Straw or perhaps Battle Hymn of the Republic; and in response to the Serious Question posed in the first line)

Do you ever trap your nipple in the fold-out bit?
Do you play in nippy weather and then agonize your tit?
Do you briskly pump your bellows in the midst of all your fellows
Just to find you've trapped your nipple in the fold-out bit?

I think it's the "briskly" that does me in every time. 😂
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sleepy wombatt

five more colours )

silence to the death!

five more colours + gone to Carlsbad )

hatpin tiem!

five more colours + variant style )
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Does anyone know if it is the Done Thing to post sets of icons to AO3? Like would it count as fanart?

Usually I would never, but I'm thinking of a minuscule fandom that doesn't really have a comm on DW or a Tumblr community, but that does tend to like/use my icons when I make 'em. And wondering if that would be a centralized way for people to find them all at once.

(Obviously would also still crosspost new ones here.)

ETA: And now I have done.
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I got the most lovely pile of presents in my stocking! (Jump to what I wrote.)

Fic: Hornblower (smutty) and Third Doctor (fluffy) and origfic lesbian SPACE pirates! <3 And the most adorable tiny Mrs. F- drabble for [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan! SQUEEE.

And art, and recs (Janeway, and Seven of Nine, and origfic f/f) and 2048 games! (More Janeway, more Seven! With the best picture choices evar.)

And icons!

Mockingbird (comics) by [personal profile] tarlanx

Firestorm (Jax) by [personal profile] falcon_horus and a matching Firestorm (Martin) one by me

If any of that looks fun, my stocking is over here and you're welcome to the icons or the fic recs or whatever. :D

Fic what I wrote: I wrote two fics (and a recs list). [personal profile] muccamukk talked me into kittens. I said, "But I don't know what to write!" and she said (picture the world's most adorable grin), "KITTENS!"

So I wrote kittens.

Title: Artemis At Sea for [ profile] aqwt101
Fandom/Characters: Hornblower (TV miniseries); Hornblower/Bush, Styles
Rating/Word Count: 2600 words, gen/pre-slash
Summary: The ship's cat has kittens. Bush has opinions; Hornblower exhausts himself; Styles is given a heady commission. Started out meaning to be Hornblower vs kittens but ended up as Bush vs kittens. (Bush 0, kittens 2, ftr.)

Title: Tubbs, In Repose for [ profile] schneefink
Fandom/Characters: Steerswoman (Rosemary Kirstein)/Neko Atsume crossover (yes really); Rowan, Willam, hints of Rowan/Bel and Willam/Corvus
Rating/Word Count: 2600 words, gen
Summary: Rowan vs Willam's "wizard cats." Spoilers through the end of the currently-published series (The Language of Power). My recipient asked for Rowan and Willam mentoring each other. This may have ended up more tilted in the "Rowan discovers new weird shit" direction. :P

In theory, there were several other stockings I wanted to fill. Quite possibly someday I will write Cordelia Vorkosigan vs the Cetagandan Embassy's bioengineered gift kitten, or Breq vs...any kitten at all. (Mucca: "What the hell does Breq do with a kitten??" Me: "Exactly! :D :D")

I also put together a lesbian romance (origfic f/f) recs list, since I've been reading so many of those lately. (Sometimes I want romance, and specifically want lady-loving romance. Fandom usually fills my m/m needs, and while my het needs are specific I usually know where to go for those. But I've been on an f/f binge lately and have been delighted with many of the results.) I should probably copy & paste the whole recs list in here at some point--maybe after I've read the last couple on the list, and a few of the ones recced to me in my stocking. (Notably, there was exactly one book that appeared on both lists. Since I've been waiting for Romancing The Inventor to exist for a couple of years, I don't mind. :D)
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Just a quick note to anyone who's also on my LJ friends' list--I'm here at Dreamwidth exclusively now. I'd been crossposting for a while, but I haven't been using the LJ side of things at all recently (never remembered to read my flist, haven't got comments in months, etc). So I've cleared things out there for the new year and will just be posting at [personal profile] nenya_kanadka from here on out. Just keeping the LJ account in case I need to comment in a comm there or get in touch with an LJ-only person or whatever.

I've been on LiveJournal for almost exactly 13 years. It was a good run. Dreamwidth today is what LJ was for me in the beginning, so I don't feel like I've lost much in closing down the LJ account. Still, it feels a bit sad. LiveJournal fandom was such a huge part of me for so long.

Anyway. Onward to 2017! To infinity and beyond!
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So I uh haven't posted here in...mumblety mumble...way too long. But [community profile] fandom_stocking is live. Hurray! I thought I'd post a link to my stocking here, partly so I can find it again and partly of course so anyone else who wants to put stuff in it can.

Nenya's Stocking 2016.

It's something of a tl;dr list this year because I went through all my old requests and updated them. But that just means more options for people who feel like stuffing it, I guess?

IRL we have a GIANT FUCKING TREE that Mucca found and cut down, and a bunch of small presents tucked under it for when her parents come out to visit next week. It looks like being a cozy lighthouse Christmas (interrupted by episodes of art class, for me). I'm looking forward to it.
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My AO3 fics are thisaway. Ask me any of the following questions, should you so choose!

1. How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?
2. Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?
3. What character do you identify with most?
4. Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?
5. If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?
6. Care to share a favorite hurt/comfort fic?
7. Care to share a favorite crack fic?
8. How would you describe your style?
9. Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
10. Write or describe an alternative ending to [insert fic].
11. What's the angstiest idea you've ever come up with?
12. What's the weirdest AU you've ever come up with?
13. Got any premises on the back burner that you'd care to share?
14. Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?
15. How do you begin a story--with the plot, or the characters?
16. Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an "architect" or a "gardener"? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)
17. Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?
18. Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?
19. Any fandom tropes you can't resist?
20. Any fandom tropes you can't stand?
21. A pairing you might like to write for, but haven't tried yet.
22. A secondary (or underrated) character you want to see more of in fic?
23. Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?
24. A character you enjoy making suffer.
25. A character you want to protect.
26. Major character death--do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can't tolerate?

Meanwhile, I've written a couple of drabbles for the Imzy multifandom drabble fest. I'd forgotten how hard drabbles can be! I'm usually only just getting started on my first thought in the story by word 75 or so. :D I did one for Ghost Soup Infidel Blue (fandoms made 110% of in-jokes, yay!) and one Mad Max: Fury Road/Doctor Who crossover.

Suppose I should link my fic for the MCU Rolling Remix (Fury/Hill, whoo) at some point, but right now I'm meant to be making supper.
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Rewatching fanvids since the wifi's a bit fucked tonight, and I have to say that [personal profile] cosmic_llin's Star Trek vid to Long Live still makes me sob like a baby. Or at least sniffle a bit. <3
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Because our heroine is so very good at foiling the plots of the petty and vindictive enemies of her circle (most recently a plagiarizing poet):

Madame Nemesis is, as always, from [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan, a deeply delightful serialized historical novel. Other icons in the series may be found via my tags.
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You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favourite kinks and then five favourite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

Comment here if you want to play,and I will give you 3-6 couples or characters that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples/characters and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

[personal profile] muccamukk gave me:

Everybody knows about my Delenn/Lennier(/Sheridan) feels, and my Valen/Sakai/uber!Delenn feels. Somebody write me the novel about Delenn's reincarnated lives over the millenia someday--that would be awesome.

Also I want fic about Delenn before the show: Delenn and Mayan, Delenn choosing her career path, Delenn and Dukhat. (Delenn/Dukhat most definitely welcome. I want epic reams of mentor/protegee for them. Would also be interested in an everyone-lives kind of AU where Dukhat survived, and how that would change history.) I guess the overarching theme here is Delenn as Minbari: as much as I get the theme of human-Minbari fusion and the thing with the Chrysalis, my heart is really with Delenn's Minbari side and I hate when she gets made too human.

everyone else played by Mira
*snicker* Okay yes I did watch everything I could get my hands on. This one's a canon want list:

What I want for a character played by Mira Furlan is two things: a) IN SPACE again. I might get this with Space Command? Though I'm not sure how big her role is.

But b), if set on Earth in the modern day (mundane AU!), which seems to be most of what she does these days when she's not doing theatre in the Balkans (which is its own thing): Something where she's not playing a neglected, cheated on, or otherwise betrayed-by-a-shitty-dude wife. Can deal with motherhood but prefer if she gets to do something where it's not all about supporting other people. I just...can she and Paul McGann get cast in a movie together to be a loving, stable couple, but together they fight crime or something? That would be FUN.

Or a lesbian. She has chemistry with everything up to and including a brick wall, and that most definitely includes female costars. See also: Space Command, which has her as a married canon lesbian in space. But is taking for-fuckin-ever to air.

Bel from Steerswoman
Another one where I want Moar Canon. :D I am not sure if you mean Bel (the Outskirter warrior woman) or Rowan (the Steerswoman travelling scientist), but what I'd love for the two of them together is femslash, obviously. But like travelling around their world Finding Things Out, while having a grand h/c loyalty-infused romance. (Basically canon + snogging.)

For Bel in specific, I'd love to see more of her POV, since canon's from Rowan's viewpoint. Bel learning more about magic/science (the boundary between the two being such a huge point in this series), and bringing her own cultural viewpoint to it. Bel meeting more of Rowan's Steerswoman friends. Bel's youth in the Outskirts. Bel vs a demon...once they know what the demons really are.

So this is my "That time I was roleplaying Kasidy Yates and also coming out as bi, while crushing on Kira Nerys" ship. :P

I've always been fascinated by Kasidy's Maquis involvement, and I'd love to see something where that runs into Kira's Bajoran Resistance past. I strongly suspect they know some of the same people, in that complex tangled underworld sort of way. A thing I really love about DS9 in general is how domestic/interstellar politics affect interpersonal relationships, and vice versa.

I'd love something that just revelled in all the complexities of loyalty there: either earlier in the show where Kas is working for the Maquis and Kira's just barely coming to trust the Federation, and both of them are feeling out Ben Sisko, or after the finale where Ben's gone and the two of them are left picking up the pieces. (And Bajor's about to join the Federation--but that doesn't mean all the old issues are gone. Far from it.) An AU where Kas wasn't sleeping with Ben, or where they broke up, or something...probably not cheating, but I'd love some actual femslash for these two. Bonus if there's little to no angst about it being a queer relationship--but tons of feels about their loyalties as Federation citizen, spaceship captain, Bajoran officer, worshipper of the Prophets, and so on.


Just lots of sex. And pining. But mostly sex.


All that staring into one another's eyes and gripping each other passionately about the shoulders while giving pep talks about surviving trauma--but in a shippy way rather than a supposedly-parental one. (Hank-Kara is pseudo-parental. Hank/Alex, not so much.) Hank thinking the world of her skills as an agent, Alex being curious about his alien nature (but not in a weird way). They fight alien crime, they get banged up or kidnapped and have to rescue one another, they huddle for warmth or deal with sex pollen, they have telepathic sex at inappropriate times, they go flying--basically they do all the buddy-cop stuff. Yes. <3

Maria Hill

Maria Hill saves the world through competence, planning, bureaucracy, and strong but carefully-contained emotions. Plus probably most of the stuff for Alex Danvers, really. A nice slow-burn ship with Sam or Fury or Melinda May or Bobbi Morse or idk Natasha, would also be great. Post-CA:TWS work-buddies with Pepper Potts. Keeping secrets. Having a cat to come home to. Or like--basically that current Mockingbird comic, with Maria Hill in. Okay I've now decided that Maria/Bobbi is my new ship. Which might be a great idea or might mean I'm too hungry to be updating DW. :D

Will give characters/ships to people who leave comments. :-)
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The MCU Rolling Remix was really fun. Belatedly linking my fic!

Title: Seventeen Minutes (The Heartbeats Remix)
Author: [ profile] nenya_kanadka
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Pairing/Characters: Maria Hill, Nick Fury
Rating: G/T
Word Count: 1850 words
Summary: When the world ends, Maria Hill is the one who brings a man back from the dead. But it's one thing to know how, and another thing to press her hands to his cold chest and hope against hope for an elusive heartbeat. (Or, Maria's POV on the whole faking-Fury's-death thing.)
Notes: Remixed from Raisons d'être by [ profile] rmc28, and then further remixed into Can You Keep a Secret? by [ profile] scribblemyname.

This whole thing was scads of fun. It's the first time I've written for MCU, which I found a bit intimidating, and we each had only two weeks to write so the fest wouldn't take sixteen years to finish. So I scrambled around researching and scribbled madly, but the accomplishment of writing a thing (which I haven't been basically at all this year, not since Fandom Stocking in December/January) absolutely made up for it.

And then guessing what order the fics had been written in was deeply entertaining. :D I'm pleased to note that I guessed the first four in my stream (the one before the one I remixed, the one I remixed & mine (obviously), and the one after mine). I also guessed that the last two in the stream were related to each other (OMG go read the Extremis!Pepper!Cap one right now) but not that they were related to the other four. Still working my way through the other streams but it's all really cool and I would totally do it again.
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One of those "which ones have you read" memes. Original list of 60 books from here.

Bold = read
italics = read another book by the same author
strikeout = didn't finish
* = own but haven't read

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear
Flesh and Spirit by Carol Berg
Chime by Franny Billingsley
Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop
Tithe by Holly Black
The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett
Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold
War for the Oaks by Emma Bull
Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
Synners by Pat Cadigan
Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Survival by Julie E. Czerneda
Tam Lin by Pamela Dean
King's Dragon by Kate Elliott
Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman
Slow River by Nicola Griffith
Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly
Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge
Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
God Stalk by P.C. Hodgell
Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson
Valor's Choice by Tanya Huff
God's War by Kameron Hurley
The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
Daggerspell by Katharine Kerr
The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein
Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress
Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
Ash by Malinda Lo
Warchild by Karin Lowachee
Legend by Marie Lu
Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey
Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre
The Thief's Gamble by Juliet E. McKenna
Sunshine by Robin McKinley
His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik
Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor
Diving into the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
*The Female Man by Joanna Russ
Old Man's War by John Scalzi
A Door Into Ocean by Joan Slonczewski
*The Grass King's Concubine by Kari Sperring
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
City of Pearl by Karen Traviss
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever by James Tiptree, Jr.
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente
The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge
Farthing by Jo Walton
The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells
To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

11 specific books, 23 Authors, 3 DNF (skimmed Handmaid's Tale in bookstore; DNF Cold Magic by Kate Elliott & Old Man's War (but finished Redshirts) & To Say Nothing of the Dog (but finished Bellwether))

Looking up authors who I didn't think I'd read, it seems like a lot of them are more on the fantasy side of the SFF pool, so I guess not so surprising that I haven't read them as I seem to splash happily over in the SF side. Also, when I find an author I love I seem to read everything I can get my hands on by them (Cherryh, the entire Vorkosigan series, quite a lot of Martha Wells), which of course shows up as just one author/book on this list. And apparently I'm most familiar with Vonda N. McIntyre and Kristine Kathryn Rusch as Star Trek tie-in novels & short stories!