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Trying to figure out what order the stories were written for the MCU Rolling Remix 2017 story set--which I'm finding harder than last time, even though there's fewer stories.

I know there's two streams, and I've figured out what I think are the first two stories in each stream. Then there's three stories about Wanda (but I am not sure what sparked the first of them) and two stories about Steve, Tony, Natasha, and a robot, and then one story (that might be related to that one somehow?) set in Wakanda after Civil War (the others seem to all be based on Age of Ultron though).


Current theories:

Stream One:
Fractures and Echoes
Between Past and Present Tense
Captain America Was Here [carries over the Steve vs Tony, Avengers team theme]
Worlds Apart (Coming Together)
Until We Hit the Ground (The Exit Sandman Remix) [IDK where this one goes remix/plot-wise, but this is the last slot left, and it has a later story number than the others]

Stream Two:
Fractures and Echoes
Paper Wings
Gaze Upon the Glass (a war poem remix) [carries over the grief/hospitals/bedside theme but changes it from Steve & Peggy to Wanda & Pietro?]
Bedside Vigil (The Cups of Comfort Remix)
Rebuilding, Restoring (The Found Family Remix)

Alternately, maybe Captain America Was Here is a remix of Paper Wings, and Gaze Upon the Glass picks up the "Steve's past" theme from Between Past and Present Tense (Steve calling Tony Howard --> Steve remembering other stuff from the 40s).

Anybody else have thoughts?

Story-wise Until We Hit The Ground was really good (or maybe just very angsty, it's one of those days where I can't tell), and the ones with Steve and Tony arguing over how to run the Avengers team (via smashing Tony's robot) were a lot of fun. I'm glad Wanda got so many stories, even though I can't quite follow the thread that got from what I think are the earlier stories to that. Overall it seems like more contemplative, even sad, stories this time out, but with a strong team-looks-out-for-each-other vibe, which I like.

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Welp, I completely missed that round happening. :(


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