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I am reliably informed that three things make a post.

1) This month, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the USA released a first draft of an official liturgy for the blessing of a same-sex marriage. The section in the report is called "I Will Bless You, and You Will Be A Blessing"; the entire Report can be found here in PDF format (discussion on the same-sex liturgy starts on p. 184, actual proposed service p. 241).

Some excerpts from The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant:

opening comments )

some of the collects )

vows )

Blessing of the rings has an option for:
If the two have previously given and worn rings as a symbol of their commitment, the rings may be blessed on the hands of the couple.

which I like because it acknowledges the complex social and legal status of a lot of gay couples.

blessings )

The whole thing is pretty damn explicitly Christian (what does one expect, it's the Episcopal Church!) which makes my agnostic-in-self-defense side twitch a bit after a while. But at the same time, it is an explicitly Christian blessing of queer relationships. It kind of blows my mind in that respect. To hear all these blessings, to hear same-sex love equated with the love of Christ for the church, to be held up as an example of faithfulness and good true things...that just curls up around my heart and makes me go "Ohhh," with happiness.

There's also the fact that the several years I spent in the Episcopal church were the happiest I've ever been in a church, and just the rhythm of the liturgy takes me back to that time and reminds me of the wonderful people I met there and the sense of love that our tiny church exuded from the walls. Also, the liturgy is really pretty. :D

I also wouldn't be surprised if a lot of different-sex couples use these rites at some point.

Other things:

2) Ode To Joy flashmob: fifty-something musicians (bass, cello, violin, horns, and at the end vocals) perform gloriously in a public square. The best part of this is the people in the audience: all the reactions, all the happiness, all the little kids playing conductor. I'm not ashamed to say I sniffled as the crescendo rose towards the end. It's apparently also in support of some bank or other, but I really don't care. It's gorgeous.

3) Just Another Princess Movie: a review of Brave, about the surprising ways in which it isn't Just Another One. I love her point about how she as a female viewer sees things in it that her male friends didn't, because she's hyper-aware of the tropes for female characters. This review syncs pretty well with my response to the movie and why I walked out of the theatre glowing gently on the inside. Fair warning: spoileriffic review.

Bonus things (a trilogy in five parts):

4) Sally Ride was gay. Holy crap. :D :D :D Sally Fucking Ride.

5) This picture of kd lang from the cover of "Drag." You guys, I am so sad I lived under a rock in my teen years. (I got to see her live at a music fest a couple of weeks ago. OMG, such stage presence, so much charm. *flailyhands*)
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Way to go, Iowa:

Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban

First state in the midwest!

“The fact that it’s here in some way highlights the inevitability of this all,” she said.

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So I'm here, back in Canada. A little stunned and very worn out. :D (It took longer to get from Vancouver to Victoria than from Tennessee to Vancouver! Pacific Coach Lines bus didn't run to the ferry until seven and a half hours after we got off the plane.) [ profile] windcedar is very awesome and her apartment is all spiffy and has a wonderful view. Also, she can cook and thus save me from starvation. (I may have to learn in self-defense.) And has 50 million new books for me to read. *dives into Liaden omnibus, whilst insisting to Empress that Jake Sisko is cool, he really is!*

Tomorrow one starts figuring out what one's new life here is going to look like. It's so strange actually being here instead of just planning for it. Good to be back.

*sleepy Nenya sleepz*
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Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, Jan. 19, 2009.

This is goodbye from the American people, you asshole. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

(Photos: Scott Wyngarden.)

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It looks like we may have a new CIA director WHO'S ANTI-TORTURE.


If this is really true I will be so, so happy. This was one of my big things in supporting Obama (in supporting ANY Democrat really). Partly because it was [ profile] bellatrys's coverage of Abu Ghraib back four and a half years ago that made me wake up and start paying attention to politics, but also because of simple humanity, I've been very sad and angry over what the US has been doing with its prisoners during the war on terror.

There are other issues, even other very important issues, but if Obama is listening on civil rights--OH MY GOD. I will *dance*.


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