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This is like a tab dump, but for songs running around in my head. Unlike the "X number of random songs on your iPod" memes, this doesn't have to be the first line of the song--just the ones that are sticking in my head most. Anyone who wants to steal it, feel free. :-)

(in no particular order, and pardon the Backstreet Boys--it's from a fanmix)

This is a song for the unloved
This is the music for one last cry
This is a prayer that tomorrow
Will help me leave the past behind

talking laughing loving breathing )
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Bad news:

Another college kid gets tasered by police, this time at a political speech. Fuck.

Good news:

I found the Quenya Lapseparma (baby-name book) again. It rocks wonderfully.
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Oh, my goodness, this is brilliant:

Firefox crop circle!

(via this thread at Making Light)

In other news, on Sunday December 10th, I will be confirmed in the Episcopal Church here in Tennessee. :-) For someone who "doesn't believe in joining churches" (as I've said how many times, and still believe), and was raised as low-church as it is possible to get, joining the Anglicans may seem odd, but it is such a great place for me to be right now. And even more than how wonderful and sweet and loving my darling new church here is, I would like to toss garlands of flowers and thanks in the direction of the guy who runs the universe for how much happier and saner I am right now than I was this time ten years ago, or even five years ago. This flood of warm fuzzies and goofy thankfulness brought to you by me trying to describe my senior year in high school to someone, and realizing the huge absense of emotional and mental stress I have now by comparison. Woohoo! And St Chris's, I love you. "Safe, warm, happy" is on my confirmation banner for a reason. :D (In Ragi, shutupshutup.)

Also, the solar-system tour from the game SecondLife is pretty damn cool. Just saying.


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