Jul. 10th, 2014

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My very kind and speedy translator has also translated "Security Blanket", my little Kira/Odo fic from that same kiss/cuddle/sex meme. I'm feeling all flattered and squeeful. :D

Original Fic: Security Blanket
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Odo/Lwaxana, Odo/Kira
Rating: G
Summary: Kira goes looking for Odo at the end of a long day-and finds him in Ambassador Troi's quarters.

Translation: Security Blanket*
Автор: Nenya Kanadka
Переводчик: Эклер-кун
Фэндом: Звездный путь
Основные персонажи: Кира Нерис, Одо, Луаксанна Трой
Пэйринг или персонажи: Одо/Луаксана, Одо/Кира
Рейтинг: G
Жанры: Гет, Романтика, Юмор
Описание: Кира слегка переутомилась.

*The translator notes that "security blanket" is not an idiom in Russian, so the pun doesn't translate. Alas!

I'm half-trying to read the Russian versions, and picking up parts of sentences. (And then I give up and let Google translate it. :P) And there's a sweet comment on the Garak/Bashir fic already! :3 Russian fandom let me love you.


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