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This is actually the second time someone has offered to do this for one of my fics, but the first time I know of that it's been completed.

A couple of days ago someone on PM'd me to ask if they could translate my Garak/Bashir story "A Hard Landing" into Russian. I was extremely flattered, not only because wow yay yes, someone liked my fic enough to want to translate it! but because I've studied a little Russian myself and have fond associations with that language.

They worked pretty fast, and today they sent me a link to the completed fic. For posterity, and in case any Russian speakers on my flist would like to see it, I link below. (Squee!)

Original Fic: A Hard Landing
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: PG-13, 683 words
Summary: Julian has his suspicions about the Cardassian tailor; Garak tests his ability to read between the lines.

Translation: Жёсткая посадка
Автор: Nenya Kanadka
Переводчик: Эклер-кун
Фэндом: Звездный путь
Основные персонажи: Элим Гарак, Джулиан Башир
Пэйринг или персонажи: Гарак/Башир
Рейтинг: PG-13
Жанры: Слэш (яой), Романтика, Юмор
Описание: У Джулиана есть свои подозрения насчет кардассианского портного. Гарак проверяет способности доктора читать между строк.

:D :D :D!

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Your Russian does not suck this is just the only related icon I had. :)


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